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Young Lovers Too Shy To Buy A Cond0m, Land In Hospital Badly Injured After Using Plastic Bag As Cond0m |

Two young undergraduate lovers, having $ex for the first time, have been admitted and doctors are trying to save their lives. The young lovers too shy to buy a real cond0m, had used a plastic bag as a cond0m instead and ended up scratching their genitals to the point of bleeding.


According to information gathered from Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre newspaper, the boy too shy to buy a cond0m had convinced the girl to allow him to use a plastic bag instead.

Because the plastic bag was rough and lacked elasticity and lubrication, the young couple ended up scratching their genitals to the point of bleeding, both ending up in hospital in the city of Hanoi having sustained bad scratches.

They underwent a thorough check-up and were prescribed with antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.

According to the doctors treating them, thick plastic bags can scratch or even tear private parts, while thinner ones are just as damaging and are prone to break much more easily than cond0ms.


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