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Woman Lands In Big Trouble After Calling President ‘A Pair Of Buttocks’

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Popular Ugandan activist, Stella Nyanzi, has been charged with cyber harassment over a Facebook post in which she referred to President Yoweri Museveni as “a pair of buttocks”, a reference which her official charge sheet has described as “obscene or indecent”.

Nyanzi, a research fellow at Uganda’s Makerere University, was detained at a hotel in the capital on Friday shortly after hosting a fundraising drive to raise money for sanitary pads for schoolgirls.

Writing on Facebook, Stella Nyanzi aimed graphic insults at the First Lady, who is also the minister for education, after the government reneged on a campaign pledge to provide free sanitary pads to schoolgirls.

Ms Nyanzi, a prominent gay rights activist and a lecturer at the country’s prestigious Makerere university, is expected to be charged with what police are calling cyber harassment and offensive communication.

The spat started in February, when Mrs Museveni told parliament that there was no money in next year’s budget to buy sanitary pads for girls in schools.

Unexpectedly, there was no mention in the official charges of the insults she aimed at First Lady Janet Museveni.

However, abusing the president is a criminal offence and easier to prosecute if proven.

The court room in Kampala was full this morning for the high-profile case.

And the hashtag #FreeStellaNyanzi has been trending across the country, with many shocked at what they consider to be government intimidation of someone who is speaking out over girls’ sexual health.


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