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VIDEO: Wife Padlocks Husband Pen!s To Prevent Him From Cheating On Her While She Travels

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MADNESS! This is total madness and wickedness. A man has been left hospitalised after his wife allegedly locked his manh00d with a padlock. It was gathered that the woman locked her husband’s manh00d because she wanted to travel and did not want her husband to cheat on her while she will be away.

The man who was asleep when the act was carried out on him, woke up to the greatest shock of his life. He was said to have been drugged by his wife so she could carry out the act successfully.

He woke to discover his wife had travelled and he was in much pain. His painful cries got to their neighbours who quickly rushed him to the hospital, where doctors battled to save his life. Below is a shocking video of the incident.

Kindly note that the video below contains graphic scenes (ADULTS ONLY):

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