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[Shocking VIDEO] Sponsor Leaks N3de Video Of Nigerian Lady Who Ran Away With Her Money

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ADULTS ONLY VIDEO: Shocking and So Unbelievable! I have always heard of girls being sponsored to go abroad and work. I also hear that their sponsors either males or females make them go through all sorts of things that can be used against them should they at any point in time decide to run away.

The VIDEO you are about to watch features a woman, mother of one, who was sponsored to Dubai to work as a pr0stitute. Her sponsor, also a woman like her, made her stripped n@ked while she shot her n3de video so she could use it against her if she decides to opt out.

The sponsor can be heard warning her that she will use the video against her if she runs away with her money. Now the video is out live on the internet which definitely means that she either ran away with the sponsor’s money or something happened with her nullifying their agreement.

MY ADVICE: If you are a girl or lady or woman reading this, I use God Almighty to beg you, work hard and stay away from bad people who come with offers to travel abroad for greener pastures. This is the type of greener pastures that awaits allowing some fools who call themselves sponsors to help you travel out. I hope everybody, both males and females learn from this.

Watch the VIDEO below [ADULTS Only – Viewer Discretion Is Advised].


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