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VIDEO: Tears As Bodies Of 4 Missing Children Are Found 5 Days After Inside Their Neighbour’ Car |

SHOCKING: The bodies of three of the four children who went missing after visiting their grandparents in Kaduna, have been found with three of them already dead. The children according to a report by NTA set out on the 19th of July and reportedly went missing around 7pm.


Four days after they were reported missing, they were found inside a neighbour’s car, like i earlier said, with three of them already dead.

In an interview with the father of the children, Aminu told NTA that they had ransacked everywhere in the streets but could not find the children. According to him, the owner of the car in which the children were found later came out to say he saw the missing children in his car.

After thoroughly inspecting the children, it was found that they had been brutally r@ped and murdered with signs of head injuries and private p@rts bleeding. Watch the video of the interview below:


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