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[VIDEO] How Ikorodu Residents Set Ablaze Three BADOO Members Caught At 2am Today

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Three suspected members of the terror BADOO cult group that has continuously attacked, murdered and caused pains for Ikorodu residents for some time now, were caught at the early hours of today, around 2a.m by the vigilant residents of Odogunyan area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

An eyewitness, who did not want his name in print, spoke to on what truly transpired and why the residents have decided not to sleep anymore and keep watch all night.

The eyewitness said the police and the security operatives have not done much and that they are tired and have decided to start staying awake all night to protect themselves against the dreaded evil cult group who attack victims in the middle of the night.

He told that Ikorodu residents now go to bed around 5a.m when they feel it is daybreak and safe for them to sleep.

When asked how the suspected Badoo members were caught, he said, residents in Odogunyan area of the town were all out keeping watch when they suddenly sighted a SUV coming in their direction around 2a.m.

He said the residents flagged down the vehicle to do a stop and search around Odogunyan junction.

 According to him, after the residents searched the vehicles, a big stone, diesel and a cutlass were found in the vehicle, and that when the suspects were questioned on what they planned to do with the object, but that they could not offer any explanation.

He said this angered the residents who immediately suspected them to be Badoo cult members. The eyewitness said the residents started beating them and that one of them went to get a cutlass and tried to cut the cultists to find out if they are Badoo members or not.

According to the eyewitness, the use of cutlass on them turned out to be the only prove they needed to confirm that the arrested men were Badoo cultist. He said the cutlass bounced back without any cut or injury on the suspects.

He said other residents gathered and someone gave the angry residents a clue on how the suspects could be killed – using the cutlass on their heads and setting them ablaze.

These he said the residents did and that was how the suspects were killed.

The VIDEO below shows how the Badoo cultists were killed and set ablaze by the angry residents. NB: This is one of the MOST BRUTAL and GRAPHIC VIDEOS you have ever watched, kindly note that Viewer Discretion is advised.


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