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[VIDEO] Fearless Ibo Guy Fights Police Officers After He Was Detained Over Car Papers

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UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO! As much as i respect the bravery and fearlessness of this man from the Eastern part of the country, i still feel what he did was way too dangerous, especially when dealing with rogue police officers. Some police officers have no heart and it doesn’t take them minutes before they kill innocent harmless Nigerians.

Some police officers met their match recently during a stop and search after stopping a man who hails from the Eastern part of the country. As seen in a VIDEO uploaded online by the man, the police officers asked for his car papers, which he gave to them for inspection.

However, trouble started after the papers were inspected and confirmed ok but the police officers refused to let the man go with no stated reason.

The angry man, who would not allow himself be ridiculed by the police officers, who apparently were looking for bribe flare-up. It was indeed a very fearless and at the same time scary confrontation between the two parties.

One of the police officers angered by the man’s reaction, could be seen in the VIDEO cocking his gun and ready to shoot the harmless man who quickly went back inside his vehicle.

Watch the VIDEO of the encounter below:


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