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Shocking Video: Watch How These Wicked Teachers Brutally Battered This Young SchoolBoy |


A video recorded at an unknown school shows four male teachers mishandling a school boy.  The lad  is dressed in green pants, a white shirt  and a green sweater. When he is brought into the office, the male teachers descend on him, like hungry vultures. One of the teachers with a sweep of his foot, floors the lad while the rest hold his feet and hands.

Another teacher, dressed in what looks like a faded dress shirt gets on his knees and proceeds to clobber the lad. In the deafening din of the office chit chat, the resounding echo of a smattering of slaps and blows  can be heard in the background.

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The assault goes on for a while and a female teacher who probably recorded the encounter can be heard asking her colleagues to let the helpless student go.

The Kenyan government has outlawed caning in schools though it is a practice that Kenyan teacher are still yet to abandon in most rural schools.

Guilty teachers who are caught committing should be taken to court. An offence depending on the magnitude will attract a fine or a jail term.

Watch the video below:

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