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Shocking Photos! 20-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To A Two-Headed Baby |


A 20-year-old woman has given birth to a two-headed baby in a Hospital in India. The baby weighing 5lbs 7oz sparked widespread interest around the hospital. According to Doctor Jaiprakash Narayan at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College: “A baby boy with two heads was born yesterday in a healthy state.

“The mother completed her pregnancy full term and was doing well post surgery but the baby suffered breathing issues. After 32 hours, the baby sadly passed away”

It was gathered that Doctor Jaiprakash deliberated whether to operate on the small baby but eventually decided it was too difficult.

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He said: “The operation is possible in some cases of conjoined twins but here it was nearly impossible. Despite having two pairs of all of their internal organs they were all trapped in one body, with only one pair of arms and legs. You cannot separate such children.”

See photos of the baby below (photo credit: DailyStar):




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