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Suya Seller Caught In Enugu Using Invisible Charm To Steal Raw Meat

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A young Hausa man in the habit of using invisible charm to steal raw meat from meat sellers, for his Suya Business, has been caught in Enugu State, after his charm failed to work for him in his last operation.

He was reportedly caught and badly humiliated at a butcher’s shed at the popular Ogbete main market in the state.

It was gathered that before now, meat sellers at the abattoir section, located at Akwata side of the market, have always lamented on how their meat mysterious disappear from from their shed.

But as the Good Lord would answer their prayers, the suspect came around again on Saturday, empowered by his charm, thinking his stupid and wicked act would last forever.

Failed by his charm, he was caught after stealing meat weighing over 22 pounds.

According to a Facebook user, Egwuatu Chukz, who shared the story and the photo, the Hausa man casually strolled into the shed, brought out a sack and started stuffing large chunks of meat into it, completely ignoring the fact that there were other people around.

After loading the huge amount of meat inside the sack he came with, he raised it on his head and started walking away with the meat. He was said to have moved quite a distance ahead when one of the meat sellers called him back, and tried to interrogate him.

The suspect refused to answer and this drew the attention of the crowd.

The crowd succeeded in stopping him and then quizzed him on how he managed to have access to the meat and he couldn’t give any reasonable answer to the questions.

He was then stripped naked and some charms which he tied to his arm and leg were reportedly revealed.

He later confessed that he had been perpetrating the act for a long time. The charm according to him is to make him invisible when stealing the meat.

It was the timely arrival of the police that saved him from being lynched by the angry meat sellers.

The State Public Relations Officer, PRO, Ebere Amaraizu, confirmed the incident, adding that the matter was being investigated.

According to him: “He stole two laps of cow meat and was caught before we intervened. We are handling the matter right now. He will be arraigned in court tomorrow (Tuesday).”


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