» LATEST POSTS » Scary Moment Crazy Dog Attacks & Bites Man To Near Death (VIDEO)

Scary Moment Crazy Dog Attacks & Bites Man To Near Death (VIDEO)

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VERY SCARY!!! I am still in shock as a result of the kind of scare I got from watching the video below. This is one of the moments we all sit at the edge of our seats praying for something miraculous to happen to save the victim from the torment being unleashed on him.

This shocking video started with the man being brutally ravaged by a crazy dog. Another man came out to help him, but it was futile as the crazy dog would not stop and instead attacked the helper too. He went back to the man to cause more damages to him.

Others who could not just watch and allow the crazy dog kill the man, tried to help out, but it was as if the dog was possessed by an evil spirit, it kept on attacking all who tried to stop it from causing maximum damage to his victim. Honestly, this is really frightening, now am very scared of dogs ! Watch the VIDEO below.


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