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Sacked Worker Reveals How He Defrauded Banks With Fake Statements

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A 31-year-old former Lagos civil servant, Olaogun Babatunde Amos, who reportedly uses fake statement of account and bank alerts to defraud unsuspecting victims, has revealed to the police that he used these forged documents to take millions of naira from several Microfinance banks in the state.

According to the police, as soon the news about his arrest broke, many of his victims besieged the station alleging that he defrauded them through fake bank statements and alerts.

Amos, who has no property or investment in his name, told newsmen that he is indebted to the tune of N20 million, most of which he got from banks and it has cost him his job as a staff at the Government House, Alausa.

On defrauding banks, he said: “My plan was to collect loans, invest and make money which I will gradually use to service all my debts. It was the money that I got that I used to open a lounge on Awolowo Road in Ikeja.

“It was the same method that I used to convince one importer of computers to give me goods worth millions. I took the goods and sold them less than the cost price to mop up cash. I was hoping to make some money somehow, before they discovered that I was worth nothing,” he said.

On how he managed to create bank statements, The Sun reported that Amos said he studied the online statements that banks normally send and discovered that they can be edited.

“They used Microsoft excel to create the bank statement. All I did was to edit it and expand the amount of money in the account.

“What people normally do is just to check the balance without confirming the content. I only edit the first page and print it out. It was the statement of account that I presented to all the microfinance banks and they granted me loans.

“On the bank alerts, I also know how to edit it to look as if it originated from the bank. Give me a computer and I will do the magic for you,” he boasted.

He pleaded for more time to pay off his debts insisting that he is not a criminal.


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