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VIDEO: Pretty Lady Beaten To Near Death In The Hostel By Her Heartless Room Mates

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SEE WICKEDNESS! This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen ladies do to themselves! This shocking video was sent to OLUGISTING by a very concerned reader.

In the VIDEO, the unknown lady was attacked by another lady during an argument. She battered her mercilessly with blows and even went as far as biting her. As if it was a planned work, some of the other room mates joined her in beating the poor lady until she collapsed and was no longer moving. After they noticed she was not moving again, they left her alone with one of them pouring water over her to see if she can be revived.

The reader who sent the video to us claimed the lady is now dead and her parents are yet to know she is. Also the location of where this cruel act took place was never disclosed to us. Our effort to get that proved abortive as the reader was unreachable.

PLEASE NOTE that OLUGISTING as at the time of posting this could not confirm if it is true that the lady is actually dead as the reader claimed or alive. But some of our readers have sent in mails saying that the lady is actually alive but hospitalised as a result of the battering.

One thing is certain from the video, the manner in which the poor lady was beaten till she passed out was just too cruel. Especially when the beating was being carried out by people who were supposed to be her friends.

The reader who sent this in, wants everybody to kindly broadcast and rebroadcast this so that her parents can know what actually happened to their daughter and also for the police to investigate this and arrest these evil ladies for doing this to their room mate.

Watch the shocking VIDEO below:


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