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Pit Bull Dogs Attacked Female Owner Instead Of Armed Robbers (PICS)

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SHOCKING….A woman who got a pair of PIT BULL dogs for protection after her house was burglarized several times, got the shock of her life after the dogs turned on her and wanted to kill her.

The 47-year-old woman identified as Makhala Ramaela, from G Section in Botshabelo, South Africa, was last Saturday, viciously mauled by the dogs.

Makhala, who is now receiving treatment for her injuries at Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein, is puzzled by what made her beloved dogs turn against her. She said she had been living alone for a long time and thugs were terrorising her.

So about 5 years ago she decided to get the dogs. The dogs – a bitch named Siby and a male named Rex – eventually built a loving and protective relationship with her.

“I managed to tame them and fed them every morning before work. My dogs loved me. I would find them peering over the devils’ fork waiting for me after work. They would jump with joy as I entered the yard,” she said.

But on Saturday the dogs attacked her viciously.

Injured Makhala Ramaela

She continued: “I was shocked and realised something was not right. I screamed for help as the dogs started to attack. I thought I could get away by running into the outside toilet but that was not to be. They just tore into me.”

Her scared neighbours tried to save her by spraying the dogs with water.

“That actually made them more enraged. I was rescued by the arrival of the police who fired some shots,” she said.

Constable Peter Kareli, the Police spokesman, who confirmed the incident said one of the dogs has died and they are waiting for the woman to decide the fate of the other.


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