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PHOTOS: There Is Money In Every Dump Ground You See In Abuja – Man Shares His Story

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This story of a young man who took the bull by the horn in order to survive – is really inspiring. Despite being a graduate, the young man ventured into furniture making in Abuja to fend for himself due to lack of employment. And now it appears that the young man is getting on his feet financially as he sponsored himself through Masters degree program and is company has also been shortlisted to benefit the world bank GEM project..

Read the story as shared by The Humans Of Abuja: “I came to Abuja as a corp member to serve my father’s land, after our compulsory training, I found it difficult getting some where to do my primary assignment. The beautiful female corp members where all accepted. Then I knew I had to take my destiny into my hands.

“One particular day, I had only 100 naira with me and I was get back to Federal housing Lugbe. I calculated my movement and I had to walk all the way from 3 arms zone to wuse market but while I was trekking, I passed through Federal mortgage bank headquarters in central area very close to Ceddi plaza. I just walked in and asked to meet the admin personnel. That was how I met a man who happened to be the team leader in the department of organizational resources. I explained my problems to him and he asked me to drop my details and two weeks after I got a call to come to the bank. That was how I got to a placement to serve my nation.

“During my service I lived in Kugbo area of Abuja. Kugbo hosts the biggest furniture market in Abuja. Every Saturday,I joined my cousin to his furniture workshop. That was how I developed interest in furniture making and interior works. By the time I passed out from NYSC, I ventured into the furniture business fulltime because by then the white, blue and red collar jobs were not coming and I decided to create my own job. I produced my first wardrobe with the last stipend NYSC paid me in 2011. Sold it and made another one and that’s how I started. I had challenges but I kept moving.

“In 2015 I registered my company with CAC and that’s how EASTERN FOOTHILLS LTD was born. We are into the production of furniture items and interior works like wardrobes, Kitchen cabinet, sofas, school desk, dinning sets etc.

“I tell people that there is money in every dump ground you see in Abuja. Just look very well and you will see the money. In every environment you find yourself ,there are business opportunities for you to exploit. Remain focused and do not be discouraged. See opportunity in any situation you find yourself.

“Proceeds from my furniture business paid for my masters degree program in ABU Zaria where I studied INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS AND DIPLOMACY.

“World bank saw how fast we were growing and our company was shortlisted to benefit the world bank GEM project. Our products are affordable, durable and reliable and we believe in “Made in Nigeria and Nigeria content.”


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