» LATEST POSTS » PHOTOS: IDPs Camp Turns To $ex Haven As Packs Of Used Cond0ms & Blood-Stained P@nties Litter Everywhere

PHOTOS: IDPs Camp Turns To $ex Haven As Packs Of Used Cond0ms & Blood-Stained P@nties Litter Everywhere

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SHOCKING! The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp set up to cater for victims of the recent flood disaster in Benue State has been turn into a fun place for $ex-crazed persons within the last one week. It was gathered that many packs of used condoms and a blood-stained panties were seen everywhere on the camp.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the IDPs, revealed that some unknown individuals troop into the camp at night in the name of bringing relief materials to the flood victims but end up sleeping with some of the homeless female victims, and that apart from the visitors, men and women within the camp also engage in $exual escapades.

According to a mother of three, who gave her name only as Rose, a particular man she identified as Famous always come to the camp at night and go out with some of the female victims. She said; “This is what we have been facing here within the last one week. They have turned the camp to a $ex haven. In fact, there is this particular man who calls himself Famous, each time he comes here, he stays till late night. Sometimes, he ends up going out with some of the girls, whom he claims are his relatives.”

Asked if she had reported to the emergency officials, Mrs. Rose said, “It is not my business to do that. If the girls agree with him, who am I to stop them?”

An official of the Benue State Emergency Management Agency, who said they have no right to stop any legally married couple from making love, said; “It is not part of our duty to stop anyone from having $ex. We have not heard of any r@pe case so far, so I can’t speak on people having $ex.

“Don’t forget we have married people in this camp. We can only advise them to avoid it for the meantime,” the official who declined to be named said.

When informed that some packs on cond0ms and blood-stained p@nts were seen in the camp, she angrily replied thus: “nobody has complained to us about this. I am just hearing this for the first time.”

“If you see cond0ms and blood-stained p@nties, then I have no idea of how they got in here. Excuse, I am busy now.”


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