» LATEST POSTS » [PHOTOS] Angry Mob Beat Policeman To Pulp After Sick Girl Was R@ped Inside Hospital

[PHOTOS] Angry Mob Beat Policeman To Pulp After Sick Girl Was R@ped Inside Hospital

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AN angry mob stormed a hospital after a 17-year-old girl, Akansha, was allegedly raped in an intensive care unit. The rioting protesters clashed with police officers outside the Jagriti Hospital in the city of Kanpur in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state. The mob blamed the officers for not protecting the girl.

An elderly police officer was seen be kicked and punched unconscious after he found himself isolated and surrounded by demonstrators.

According to Daily Mirror UK, the girl had been rushed to the hospital after falling ill and losing consciousness at a party in the city. Akansha claimed that she was drugged and raped by a ward boy, or nursing assistant, later that same night.

She said, “After I was brought to the ICU, my mother changed my clothes. Late at night, the ward boy showed up and said since your clothes are wet, they will need to be changed. I asked him to call a nurse or my mother but he refused.

“He said that there is no nurse available and my mother had gone back to the party and my father had gone to take medicine.

“Then he took me to the washroom and said not to feel shy in front of him. I had to change clothes in front of the ward boy.

“He then asked me to change my top as well and started unbuttoning my top himself. I ran away to my bed.

“He then ran away. The ward boy came again and injected me, which caused me to fall sleep. He took advantage of the situation and raped me.

“I could feel something wrong was happening but I couldn’t do anything as I was under the influence of the drug.”

Akansha’s father said that he had been prevented from seeing his daughter that night.

“In the morning I forcibly entered the ICU, where seeing the condition of my daughter’s clothes, I suspected that something was wrongs. I shook her awake and she started crying and told me about the whole incident.”


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