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Photo: Heartless Man Strangled And Murdered 7-Year-Old Girl, And Then Raped Her Corpse

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Lucas Agboyie, aka Sympathy

MOST SHOCKING! It was all shock and tears in a court at Tema, when a 22-year-old heartless man, identified as Lucas Agboyie alias Sympathy, confessed to murdering an innocent 7-year-old girl and sexually abused her corpse afterward.


According to reports, Lucas, claimed his cruel action was as a result of the weed he smoked on the day of the cruel incident. He said the 7-year-old girl tried to escape, after he made an attempt to rape her, but that he pulled her back into his metal container, strangled and then slept with her corpse.

According to a report by (YEN.COM.GH), this sad incident happened on April 19, 2015, the victim, known as Ruth Amankwah, was sent by her mother to go buy bread with GHC 20. As she passed by the container where Lucas lived, he called out to her to pick up his towel which hung behind his house. When Ruth complied and brought his towel, the accused then told her he wanted to have sex with her which she refused. A struggle ensued between them which led to Lucas strangling the victim and defiling her corpse.

The parents of Ruth worried about her sudden disappearance mounted a search for her throughout their community until one person informed them, that Lucas was seen dragging the girl into his metal container.

Acting on the information, they went to Lucas’ container where they found the naked body of little Ruth with blood oozing from her nose and mouth, but Lucas was nowhere to be found.

The Police mounted a thorough search for him and he was caught and arrested.

In a court presided by Mr. Worlanyo Kotoku, the accused after narrating the story admitted he regretted his actions and added he did not know what led him to commit such an act, although noting that he smoked ‘weed’ before the incident happened.

It was gathered that the victim’s mother and family members could not hold back their tears and sorrow as the accused narrated the events of the incident. As the confession unfolded, the other audience in the courtroom also could not hold back their tears, shook their heads.

Mr. Worlanyo Kotoku expressed his displeasure the stretched time of the court case stating that the accused’s confessions have been consistent and that there was no need for the case to have taken this long.

His sentencing has however been postponed to the 4th of October, 2016.


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