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OMG! Tourist Got Bitten By Dragon While Trying To Take A Selfie (PICS) |

A 50-year-old tourist identified as Loh Lee Aik, was attacked by a Komodo Dragon after he got too close while trying to take a photo. He was taken to the hospital with leg injuries after being pounced on by the venomous lizard in Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

The Singaporean came across a bank of the animals feasting on pigs and goats from a nearby village and ‘excitedly’ took a picture, according to police.

But he did not realise another Komodo was approaching and was badly bitten.

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Loh was touring the island during the Komodo’s mating season, running from May to August, when the lizards are more aggressive.

He also did not have a guide, which is against official advice, and failed to report the incident to authorities.

The head of Komodo National Park, who is known only by his first name, Sudiyono, said it was the first attack on a tourist since 1974, when a man was killed.

He was given first aid at the site before being taken by boat to nearby Flores island, where he was admitted to hospital and is now in a stable condition.

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View the GRAPHIC PHOTOS of the incident below.


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