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MOPOL Officer Shot Dead Robber Trying To Steal His Car At 3a.m In Lagos

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An unnamed officer of the Nigerian Mobile Police Force (MOPOL), has shot dead a member of a gang of car robbers who were trying to steal his car at 3a.m in the Idimu area of Lagos state.

According to an online report, the robber was shot dead on Thursday, April 13, while he and his gang members tried to steal a red Toyota Camry belonging to the MOPOL officer.

An eyewitness, who revealed that she lives in the same house as the MOPOL Officer, said the Officer caught the robbers in the act after he heard a crash.

The witness, who identified herself simply as Alhaja, said that the Officer caught the robbers after they broke the window of his car, adding that the police was called immediately the neighbours heard gun shots. “We called the police immediately we heard gun shots.”

She also said the robbers threatened to kill the MOPOL officer who was dressing and warning them through the window of his house to leave.

It was gathered that after his warnings fell on deaf ears, the Officer cocked his gun and shot one of them three times.

Alhaja also said that the robbers fled the scene immediately and even left the car they brought with them for the failed mission.

According to her: “We went to search their car after the incident but all we saw was a lady’s hand bag.”

Another witness reported that she saw two of the robbers running away including the deceased. She revealed that the robber who had been shot by the MOPOL Officer later collapsed and died in front of her house, adding that the other robber searched his body before he finally fled.

She said: “I heard the gun shots, three times around 3:00am and then I heard people shouting, so I went to my window that’s when I saw them running. One of them collapsed and the other one searched his body and ran the other way.”

Three police officers later came to the scene of the crime and searched the body of the deceased before taking him to the morgue.

It was learnt that the officers found torchlight, a screwdriver and some medicine tablets on the body of the dead robber.


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