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Man Set New World Record, Slept With 57 Different Women In 24 Hours

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A Singaporean man slept with 57 women in a span of 24 hours to set a new world record. He achieved this feat during an annual event organized by a br0thel in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

The 34-year-old claimed to be a $ex addict and trained really hard just alike any athlete to break the record. Mission began at midnight and women from other br0thels were brought in to ensure they were sufficient.

He had $ex with 29 women by mid-day and began feeling cramps since then. Physiotherapist offered him a massage in between. By 11p.m, he completed intercourse with 56 women to hold the new World Record. He was rushed to the hospital after completing $ex with the 57th Girl.

Participants weren’t allowed to take any prescribed medicine for erecti0n. Each Participant should ej@culate at least 5 ml of semen. gathered that the previous record was set by a P0rn Actor in 1983. He had $exual intercourse with as many as 55 women as part of the promotional campaign of his new movie.

Many people across the World tried desperately to break this record but failed. Finally, the Singaporean broke the mighty record.


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