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MAN Rapes His Ex-Girlfriend’s 80-Year-Old MOTHER Just To Spite Her

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A wicked man who has been demanding that his ex-girlfriend comes back to him, that he wanted sex from her or face the penalty, has done the unthinkable.

On Saturday, he reportedly sneaked up to his ex-girlfriend’s 80-year-old mother and raped her just to spite her.

The man from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni has been arrested and is now facing rape charges. His heartbroken ex-girlfriend is devastated by what he did to her mum.

She said: “He broke my heart and I can’t even think straight. How can he do something like this. It is like raping his own mother.

“He knows my mum so well and she accepted him in the family because we have a child together. I’m definitely struggling to cope.

“I sometimes think I’m going crazy. He is an animal. I never thought he’d stoop so low.”

The self-employed mother of two from Tembisa said she dumped her boyfriend just over a year ago. “He was abusive and I left him to save my life. He sees I’m no longer into him and he is trying all sorts of things just to get to me.

“But this time he went too far I will never forgive him.”

The woman told Daily Sun she was not there when her monster ex allegedly raped her mum.

Captain Manyadza confirmed a rape case has been opened at Rabasotho Police Station in Tembisa and that the suspect has been arrested.


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