» LATEST POSTS » PHOTOS: Man Caught Stealing Meat From Reverend Father’s Refrigerator In University Of Calabar

PHOTOS: Man Caught Stealing Meat From Reverend Father’s Refrigerator In University Of Calabar

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BUSTED! A young man was on Sunday arrested at the kitchen of the Reverend Fr. Francis Effiong, the Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Catholic Church, located at the University of Calabar, UNICAL. The unnamed suspect, it was learnt, was arrested while stealing meat from the refrigerator of the priest, who had left his house by 9a.m for a mass.

According to, a source said; “The young man, who claims to be a prison warden, was apprehended just as he was leaving the kitchen with bags of meat in both hands. Before today’s incident, many other items such as washing machines, television sets, cookers, and so on have been missing from the house. He lives in the boys’ quarters just directly behind the priest’s kitchen.”

Speaking on the incident, the VC of the University, Prof Zana Akpagu advised people residing in the University Staff quarters to support the efforts of the school management to provide adequate security by complying with management decision of not accommodating strangers.

Prof Zana Akpagu said; “Time without number, the authorities have cautioned against sheltering strangers other than family members in boys quarters, but we have refused to listen.

“It is easier for people to blame the administration for not providing adequate security, without doing their own bit. Last time we caught the solar light batteries’ thief, it turned out that he was a nephew living with a Prof.

“Let’s all do the things that help us be safe in the University. It’s terrible to steal from a servant of the most high.”


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