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Lagos Policemen & Hoodlums Batter Engineer To Pulp Over Piece Of Land

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This is one of the terrible things that happen in a country where the police meant to protect lives are the one endangering it. Oyedokun Williams’ life was brought to the edge after some hoodlums and policemen attached to the X-Squad, Federal Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Alagbon, Lagos, battered mercilessly him.

The hoodlums, it was gathered, beat the building construction engineer with charms and cutlasses while one of the police operatives allegedly hit him on the chest with the butt of his gun.

According to the report, Williams, an engineer with Adron Homes and Properties Limited, was going to the company’s site in Agbodu, Sagamu, Ogun State, in his car on March 30, 2017, when the hoodlums attacked him.

It was said that the assailants asked him to lead them to the firm’s general managing director.

When he denied knowing his whereabouts, the men pounced on him.

A few minutes into the assault, the policemen arrived at the scene to arrest Williams during which one of them reportedly hit him with the gun butt.

While the policemen whisked him away to their office, the hoodlums collected his car key and drove the vehicle to the Lotto area, where they abandoned it after developing a fault.

According to Punch, the engineer was released on bail by the police the following day and was subsequently taken to a hospital.

However, on April 4, Williams’ health worsened and was rushed to Ishalu Medical Centre, a private hospital in Ogba, Lagos State.

The victim told Punch on Wednesday that despite a series of tests and treatments he had undergone, he was still in pains.

He said, “Around 4pm on March 30, 2017, I went to get diesel for workers on the site. As I was returning to the site, three vehicles and about 21 persons on motorcycles, wielding guns, cutlasses, broken bottles and charms, stopped me.

“They asked me where the GMD was and I said he was not around. They started beating me and collected my car key. The policemen came five minutes after and said they were from X-Squad, FCIID, Alagbon. Two of them were in uniforms and they showed me their identity cards.

“As I was trying to know why I was being arrested, one of the policemen hit me on the chest with the butt of his gun. They took me inside their car while the hoodlums drove off with my car, which eventually got damaged. The policemen took me to their office, collected my phone and detained me. They released me the following day around 6pm.

“Blood was coming out from my ears and I had to go for treatment at Shilo Hospital in Shimawa. I collapsed while returning from the hospital with my wife on April 4. As I speak with you, I feel pains all over my body. My ribs ache badly and blood still comes out of my ears.”

A lawyer for the company, Ademola Koko, said a petition had been addressed to the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to bring the policemen and the hoodlums to book.

The petition accused the policemen of aiding the hoodlums to take over an expanse of land owned by the firm, adding that the company had got a court injunction restraining any trespass on the property.

The petition, dated April 10, 2017, read in part, “Our clients (Adron Homes and Properties Limited) are the owners of the 30 acres situate at St Agbodu, off Shimawa Alawun Road. Despite the court order some suspects continued to trespass on the land.

“To our utmost surprise, the suspects co-opted with some hoodlums as well as enlisted police officers of X-Squad Division, Alagbon, and carried out an attack on one of our site engineers, Mr. Oyedokun Williams.

“We plead that the full wrath of the law be brought to bear on these people.”


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