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Lagos Bus Conductor Narrates How Soldier Of Ojo Cantonment Attacked, Beat And Robbed Him

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Everton Ugochukwu Chionwe

Everton Ugochukwu Chionwe, a bus conductor in Lagos State has narrated how soldiers from the Central Vehicle Depot (CVD) Barracks Ojo Cantonment Lagos, acting on the orders of a female trader, attacked, beat and robbed him last week Thursday.


He alleged the soldiers made away with all the money made by him and his driver that day, including his Techno phone, Daily Sun reports.

Narrating his ordeal, he said => “I am living today by the special mercy of God who saved me as the soldiers intended to kill me as they descended on me with any available objects at their disposal. They pummeled me, until I temporarily passed out.

“It happened that last Thursday, I was at work and there was traffic gridlock at Volks bus stop. I wanted to urinate. I told my master and he permitted me to go. I crossed over to the bush opposite the CVD barracks. As I was urinating, someone threw a heavy stone on my back.

“When I looked back, I saw a woman who was throwing more stones at me . She has a makeshift shop in the bush. I saw about five soldiers inside the woman’s shop drinking and smoking with some area boys. The soldiers said if I finish urinating I should come. I entered the makeshift shop and told the woman that I was very sorry because, I knew they were out for a problem having seen soldiers with her.

“Before I knew it, the soldiers descended on me, hitting me with iron, stones, any object at their reach. The woman told them to continue beating me as I urinated close to her shop. She called more soldiers to join in the beating . They continued until I fell down.

“I went to the Onirekere Police Station to report the robbery case. The police gave me papers to go to the hospital and instructed me to come back the following day. The next day, the police followed me to the makeshift shed. But the woman threatened to call soldiers to beat us. We had to leave. We were advised by some people around to quickly leave as the woman was so powerful, besides she was taking good care of some soldiers who are backing her .

“I am appealing to the military authorities to wade into the matter and bring those who brutalised and robbed me to justice.”

Charles M, a senior Army officer, in-charge of the barracks, told Daily Sun, he would fish out the culprits because they work under him.

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