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In My Community At Abule-Ijesha, Eiye Members Rule – Suspect Accused Of Sponsoring Cultism Reveals

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One of the suspects arrested for his involvement in cultism and causing breach of peace in Somolu and Abule- Ijesha communities, Lagos State, has denied the allegation. The suspect, Mr. Sunday Egba, described himself as the Secretary of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Abule-Ijesha branch, Lagos, reports New Telegraph.


The suspect was arrested by the Lagos State Police Command. The police also accused Egba of funding the Eiye group. While denying being a member of Eiye group, Egba said he only mingled with the group because the members are the rulers in his community at Abule-Ijesha.

According to Egba, in such a community, one needed to be careful and smart. He said he was only being smart by being friends with Eiye members. He was arrested with another NURTW official identified as Mr. Abiodun Dosumu. The police said Egba and Dosumu are connected to the notorious Eiye cult leader, Ibrahim Balogun, otherwise known as ‘small Jpron.’

Balogun was recently arrested by the police for series of murders and unrest of in Somolu community. Balogun was accused of masterminding the murder of a human right activist, known as Vincent Olatunde. He was arrested after a three-year hunt. Balogun, however, denied being part of those that shot Olatunde. He admitted taking part in the planning of the murder of Olatunde. Egba was further accused of funding parties for Eiye cult members in his community.

Egba said: “I was formerly a member of Eiye confraternity. But I have left cultism for long. It was because of cultism that I was remanded in prison. I was even granted bail, but my family couldn’t afford bail, thus I was remanded. When I came out of prison, I decided that I was no longer interested in being a member of any cult group.

It was easy for me to leave cultism because I was never really a legitimate member. I never took any oath. I just started following some of the cult members.” When asked why he gives money to Eyie cult members and funds their parties, Egba said: “Whenever members of the Eiye group want to have a party in our area, I’m always involved. I mingle with them because I’m a member of the NURTW.

Initially, I didn’t used to interact or mingle with them, but I soon realised that in my community at Abule-Ijesha, Eiye members rule. During NURTW election, I wanted to go for the post of chairman, but the Eiye group said no. They said I should go for the position of secretary. I quickly accepted. I got the secretary position.” Egba further said that his boss, the NUTRW chairman, was aware that he used to give money to the Eiye group and sponsors their parties.

The second suspect, Dosumu, said he is the vice president of Abule-Ijesha NURTW. He insisted that he was innocent of all allegations levelled against him by the police. According to Dosumu, he was in a meeting with some NURTW members, trying to reconcile the association’s accounts, when policemen stormed the meeting and arrested him. His words: “I was invited to the branch office of NURTW at Owe Street, Fadeyi. I was invited because I’m the vice president of my unit. The meeting was for people that were in charge of keeping money for the association.

As the meeting was going on, some policemen walked into the office. They pointed at me, and took me to their station.” Just like Egba, Dosumu said he was a former member of Eiye cult group. He said: “I was a member of the Eiye cult in 2010. But I left the group when I found out there was no gain in it.

I never gave money to the group. Moreover, I don’t even have money to give anyone. I only joined Eiye group back then because I thought it would make me happy. But it didn’t! I left the group. I never joined in any fight or killed anyone.”

When asked of his connections with Small Jpron, Dosumu said: “I’m not with any Jpron. I don’t even know the person the police are talking about.” Egba also said: “I have never heard of that name before. It was only after I was arrested I heard the name Small Jpron.”


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