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[PHOTOS] I Have $ex With Him Anytime I Need Bread For My Kids – Woman |

SHOCKING! This is one of the most shocking stories I have ever seen. Imagine, using just two loaves of bread to take a married woman to bed. A married Zimbabwean man reportedly took his best friend’s wife to bed by doing just that.

It was gathered that the Zimbabwean man identified as Obert Chikunichawa was caught by his wife Rudo Chikunichawa having $ex with Aleta Ncube, their neighbour’s wife, in their matrimonial room.

After being caught in the act, Obert ran away leaving his girlfriend at the mercy of his angry wife Rudo.

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It was reported that the two women exchanged harsh words which led to a fight. Rudo then told Aleta’s husband, Diamond Ncube, about Obert and Aleta’s relationship.

The angry and betrayed Ncube took the matter to their village Headman who forwarded it to the Senior Chief in the area.

Angry Rudo battered half-n@ked Aleta after catching her having $ex with her husband

Aleta during interrogation, confessed to having a relationship with Obert when she appeared before Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court.

According to B-Metro, she confessed before the Chief that she was sleeping with Obert. She also told the court that she had to sleep with him since she wanted bread for her children which her husband could not afford to buy everyday.

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Aleta also said that Obert gave her two loaves of bread each time they had $ex.

Angry Rudo battered half-n@ked Aleta after catching her having $ex with her husband

She also revealed that for each $ex session, she would be given two loaves of bread by Obert or a $1 since each loaf costs 50c.

Aleta begging Rudo to forgive her

Ncube demanded to be compensated with four cows by Obert, but Chief Nemangwe ordered Obert to pay three cows for bedding Ncube’s wife.

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