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HORROR VIDEO Of Lady Extremely Molested By Guys At Party Sparks Outrage

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A video is currently making the rounds of a lady being molested and abused by some guys who were obviously intoxicated in the name of dancing as revelers cheered them on. The event is a house party held in someone’s compound as shown in the video.

The saddest part is when you realize that the lady was smiling most of the time as she allowed these idiots to degrade her and humiliate her in the name of entertainment.She however eventually started struggling for safety when it looked like the abuse could lead to death.

Some people online said, that the reason she was smiling most of the time was because she was drugged.

Other ladies watched in amusement while the men hit her against a wooden table, jumped on her, threw her on the floor, touched sensitive parts of her body and even threw her in a pool.

It’s one of the most extreme and bizzare videos one will ever see and it’s currently trending on Facebook. From the music being played and the language being spoken by the guys, it is believed that they are South Africans.

Watch the VIDEO below:



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