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Heartless PASTOR Kidnaps & Sacrifices 5-Year-Old BOY On Christmas Eve |

A popular mobile evangelist from Isingiro district in Uganda has together with two others been arrested by Ntungamo police following a kidnap of a 5 year old child on Christmas Eve in Ntungamo municipality. The child was recovered dead near his mother’s business in the center of Ntungamo town on Tuesday December 27.

The three were allegedly involved in capturing Aturiheihi Primus 5, a son to Kamusiime Editor who was later killed under unknown circumstances. The captures told the mother that they wanted to sacrifice eth child if she did not heed to their demands.

The Ntungamo district police Commander Mr. Kawonawo Baker says the captors first demanded for a ransom on the head of a child which his mother complied with a demand that they would kill the child if the foster father did not pay the money owed to them after a witchcraft and fortune telling they had done for him.

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“The captors asked for UShs 600000 which the woman paid to save the child, they however did not bring the child, we recovered the dead body in a drainage channel near the Ntungamo Banana market rotting off after four days and we highly believe the child was killed immediately he was captured.” Mr. Kawonawo said.

He said the demands for money may have been just a coy to distort information and create time for the alleged killers to escape. He however says police could not rule out child sacrifice.

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Pastor Ndyomugyenyi Peterson, Mr. Keneth Buryahika the foster father whom the child and mother were leaving with and Mr. Brian Muhwezi have been arrested by police.

Mr. Kawonawo says police is going to fully investigate the incident and the whole truth behind the killing of the child before the suspects are taken to court.

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