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Heartless Nigerian SARS Police Officers Publicly Brutalize Man (VIDEO)

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PAINED! I used to think our military men are the only ones who go around brutalizing people they call “Bloody Civilians” unnecessarily, until I stumbled upon this shocking video.

As much as I always commend the gallant efforts of the Nigeria Police Force, I won’t be a party to brutalization in any form. No matter the crime a man commits, I strongly believed due process should be followed in arresting or prosecuting him.

In the video you are about to watch below, Operative of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force, are seen publicly brutalizing an unidentified young man. The officers battered him with all types of weapons they could lay their hands on.

Another man who could not bear the public brutality and tried to intervene was also brutalized by the police officers.

Please note that OLUGISTING since its inception has always publicized all the great achievements Police Forces worldwide have made. In fact, this blog was created to fight crime and injustice, and that is why we publish more of crime stories and injustice.

As at the time of posting this story, we could not verify the offence of the man in the video and where this arrest and brutalization took place. Also we are not against the arrest of suspected criminals, but what we would not condone is the manner in which some of these arrests are being carried out, just like this one. What of if the suspect died during the beating?

We call on the Inspector General Of the Nigeria Police Force to kindly look into this. Sir, you keep preaching the “Police Is Your Friend”, where is the friendship in this? Why this brutality just because you want to arrest someone?

Watch the shocking VIDEO below.


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