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Female Undergraduate Jumps From 3rd Floor Of Building To Escape Rape

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A female 200L student of Film And Drama in a university in Uganda on Friday evening jumped from the 3rd floor of a building to escape a rape attempt.

Local media report that Brenda Nakyejju, a student of Makerere University had gone to visit a male friend in the boys’ hall when he allegedly tried to rape her

To escape this ordeal, friends who spoke to Brenda disclosed that she chose to jump through the window on the hall’s topmost floor on discovering that the door to the room had been firmly locked by her host.

A witness who identified herself as Zahra said she first heard Brenda shouting at the top of her voice as though calling for help.

With the door to the room locked, Zahra rushed to the ground floor where she found Brenda bleeding from the nose and private part.

The university’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), Japhet Mucungizi confirmed the unfortunate incident. He identified the suspect as Jeremiah Mukyemu, 26, and 4th year student of Medicine and Surgery.

The CSO explained that the two had met earlier in the day before the randy medical student invited his victim to come check out his room.

“He made the first attempt to rape her but failed. He then locked the room and tried again, still without any success. This is when he left her locked up and went to buy some things from the canteen,” Mucunguzi said.

The CSO further noted that the threatened lady boiled water in a percolator which she would use to her defense should the guy returned and made another attempt.

“When the guy opened the room, the lady poured the hot water into his face and things got out of control. The guy became very violent and with the room locked, this forced the lady to jump out through the window,” he explained.

He said that the suspect had been apprehended and is in the custody of local police.

“He had a similar case in 2015 where he tried to rape another girl and went into hiding. They later sorted themselves with the girl’s family and he came back to school,” the CSO further added.


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