» LATEST POSTS » Female LASTMA Official Exploits Woman, Collects N70,000 From Her (PIC)

Female LASTMA Official Exploits Woman, Collects N70,000 From Her (PIC)

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A female official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Suenu Adejoke, has been accused by a woman of extorting a sum of N70,000 from her. Read what the victim wrote below.

“I was exploited by a Lastma official (Suenu Adejoke) by name yesterday and would like to know if/how I can be assisted or if someone can tell me what to do.

“According to her I used one way ( there was no sign to indicate this) I saw other vehicles moving the same way also. Two vehicles before me and several others behind me. She claim they are military men.

“So i told her to allow me turn back, next thing she jumped into the vehicle started dragging the steering with the driver. She later claim that she was assaulted by my driver (George) and she had a miscarriage in the course of this.

“We were taken to Area F police station where she demanded N150k for assault. This woman collected N70k cash from my manager and I really feel bad about this because the police did not even help matters. Don’t know if there is any official handle (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) where I can report this.”


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