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EVIL! Crying Girl Stuffed Into A Sack And Tortured By Her Grandmother (PICS)

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For those who still do not know what OLUGISTING represents, OLUGISTING was founded to post and publish contents to fight against crime and injustice being perpetrated by evil humans across the world. We hope you all learn from some of these stories and to always protect yourself. Below is the story of how an old woman who was supposed to protect her own grandchild, brutally tortured her.

The video has gone viral online, with many now calling for the evil grandmother’s head.

The video starts with the little girl already stuffed into a sack usually used to catch snakes and other reptiles. She was put in there by her aunt and grandmother and they proceeded to torture her.

The clip which was filmed on April 14th, shows the girl’s grandmother talking to her. After a while, she kicks the sack with the girl in it and she tumbles to the floor crying. The grandmother also poked the girl from the outside of the sack while the girl cried uncontrollably, but the woman did not stop there and instead went on to roll the bag along the floor with the girl in it.

Later in the video, a younger woman believed to be her aunt can be seen flogging the toddler with a cane while the grandmother filmed it. It is unknown what the child did to deserve such treatment.

The women in the video were speaking a language that is consistent with those living in Lianjiang.

Police Operatives in Lianjiang City, in South China’s Guangdong Province, have already commenced an investigation into the matter.

Below are screenshots from the video.


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