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Court Lift ‘Sex Ban’ On Man Who Likes To Cut, Burn & Bite Women During Sex

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A court has lifted the sex ban on a 45-year-old man identified as John O’Neill. O’Neill, a father of two will no longer have to inform police 24 hours before he has sex with a new partner after the restriction was overturned in court today.

But O’Neill, who has previously said he liked to bite, burn and cut women into unconsciousness, must still tell police before he begins a sexual relationship with a woman.

According to reports, O’Neill from York, who was earlier arrested but later cleared of rape at Teesside Crown Court last year, also said women needed to be “scared” for him to “climax” and he had been violent to everyone he slept with.

But a judge at York Magistrates’ Court removed the 24-hour restriction today because it was “disproportionate”.

But the court did impose a varied sexual risk order on O’Neill, meaning he must tell police as soon as possible before starting sexual activity.

Last month O’Neill, an IT consultant currently living rough in a wood, lost his legal battle at the same court to have the 24-hour restriction lifted.

Police fear he is a danger to the public and wanted him to inform them 24 hours before he has sex with a new partner or face jail and a fine despite having never been convicted of a sex crime.

O’Neill, who used to attend a Fifty Shades of Grey-style fetish club, strongly opposed the 24-hour order.

He has said the ban has stopped him working, restricted his right to benefits and his family, including his two children, do not speak to him.

Previously it was revealed he had “stopped asking girlfriends if they consented to sex with him” and told a GP in 2014 “he may have raped someone”.

When a doctor queried his sexual desires he told her: “You’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey then?”

He lost his case last month after North Yorkshire Police argued he posed a risk to the public and should be subject to a sexual risk order.

But at the time, District Judge Adrian Lower said the terms of the order will be amended at a future hearing.

At the previous hearing, he said the condition that O’Neill gives the police 24 hours’ notice before he has sex with a new partner was “frankly unpoliceable”.

O’Neill had complained the order breached his human rights and that he had no prospect of forming a relationship under the terms of the restriction.

The woman who accused him of rape said she was bitten and scratched, but O’Neill denied the bite and said the scratch came in a massage after consensual sex.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said today: “By the court imposing a sexual risk order until further order and granting the prohibitions applied for, this recognises that North Yorkshire Police have taken the correct course of action to safeguard and protect the public from the risk that the court has acknowledged Mr O’Neill poses to the public.

“It is the priority of North Yorkshire Police to protect the public from the risk of sexual harm.”



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