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Couple Having Public Sex Attack Security Man Who Tried To Separate Them

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An unidentified young couple who couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom caused a scene recently at Mitchell’s Park after deciding to sample the forbidden fruit in public. The man and his girlfriend, it was gathered, started kissing passionately and seconds later the girl was on the guy’s lap, screaming and moaning in pleasure.

So loud were the screams they attracted the attention of people in the park who rushed to the scene and started taking photos of the incident.

The Park security seeing the huge crowd in one place then rushed to the scene and wanted to break up the couple.

“The guy was furious when the Park security were trying to remove him from his girlfriend. All we heard him say was “Ngilinde nja yaam Ng’ya qeda” (translated ‘Don’t disturb you mampara am coming).

“To make matters worse he snatched the guard ‘s baton stick before trying to assault him with his erect penis. He was immediately subdued by the security team who handed them over to the Police,” said one of the eyewitnesses who did not want his name in print.

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