» LATEST POSTS » 5-Year-Old Boy Threathens Truck Driver With Knife To Defend His Family

5-Year-Old Boy Threathens Truck Driver With Knife To Defend His Family

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A 5-year-old boy nicknamed Xiao Pang has again being in the spotlight after he waved a fruit knife at a truck driver in northwest China to defend his family’s stall.

OLUGISTING gathered that this isn’t the first time this fearless young boy will be doing something like this. He has been caught on camera before waving a metal pipe at the local police to defend his grandmother’s stall.

This latest video emerged online today showing Xiao Pang threatening to cut a truck’s tyre as it was blocking his grandmother’s street stall.

Xiao Pang, wearing a yellow vest and blue pants, angrily stares the female truck driver on the street of Xinjiang province, an autonomous territory in China.

He shouts at the driver with a fruit knife in his hand and can later be seen waving it towards the front wheel.

From the footage, Xiao Pang says the truck is blocking his grandmother’s stall.

“You can’t park here! If you park here, I will beat you up!” he shouted and pointed the knife up to the window with one hand on his hip.

He then flings the knife as he waits the truck to drive away.

In the video, onlookers can be heard laughing at the boy’s behaviour and did not stop him.


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